Schomp Ford Earns a Place in the Hearts of Its Nextdoor Neighbors

September 9th, 2022 by

Schomp Ford dealership

Our wonderful customers in the Aurora area just voted Schomp Ford among the Nextdoor 2022 Neighborhood Favorites! We’re saying Woo Hoo! to that news.

Nextdoor – the hyperlocal neighborhood communications platform – has solicited recommendations from visitors to its Business Pages and made Neighborhood Favorite awards for the last six years. Globally, more than 55 million business recommendations have been made, and only 2% of the businesses in the United States earned the 2022 Neighborhood Favorite award. This year’s Neighborhood Favorite awards were co-sponsored by American Express, which has a history of backing local small businesses.

That puts Schomp Ford in some pretty outstanding company, and it’s all because you like what we offer. What Nextdoor says contributes to recommendations on its platform – great service, excellent quality products, and helpful team members. 

People rely on person-to-person recommendations when they choose who they want to patronize. Nextdoor has become a prime source for business recommendations, and according to the platform’s data, 72% of Nextdoor neighbors have been influenced by a business recommendation they saw on its platform. Nationally, this year’s Neighborhood Favorite awards were made from nominations in 25 categories, including automotive.

What you think about the vehicles and service you get at Schomp Ford on Havana in Aurora matters to us. The fact that you’ve said you recommend us to others is significant. Schomp Ford is part of a family-owned business based in Denver for more than 80 years and in Colorado for 110 years.

So thank you! We’ll keep doing what we do. We always want to hear from you about what you like (and even what you don’t) about Schomp Ford.  We’re going to shoot for another Neighborhood Favorite award next year, so please keep spreading the word.